The North Star Therapy

 The North Star Therapy   ​​
 Kathleen Ries, LMFT, MS, MPH, RD


"The most important thing I, or any other therapist, can do is offer an authentic healing relationship from which patients can draw whatever they need."        Irvin Yalom

Individual Therapy 
Children, Teens and Adults

Individual therapy is for those who want support for understanding, exploration and making changes in their life.   

Where are you stuck?  What keeps repeating over and over and driving you crazy?

How could your life be closer to the one you really want to be living?​  

Couples Therapy
Partners, Short- and Long-Term Relationships 

Relationships are an ongoing process.   How's your most important relationship going?  Sample indicators that the relationship is strained: 

Are you saying and doing things in a  negative way to your partner?
Are you feeling  more like roommates sharing space?

Family Therapy
Family driving you crazy?

Group Therapy
Space limits this service at this time

​Limited room space restricts this service at this time.  Group therapy options will be posted here.
Family life can become routine and stuck in fixed roles. Simply reaching out to get new perpectives and understanding can make a difference in family dynamics.     

Before the kids leave home, consider brief family therapy to help set a healthy family foundation.
  More About Services

   My goal is to provide quality therapy with a focus on trauma, transitions  
   and troubles. ​

   While we all experience traumas, transitions and troubles in our lives,  
   some people experience more;  some suffer more from their
   experiences than others.  For many of us, the past keeps getting in the  
   way of both the present moment and our dreams for the future.
   The therapy process empowers clients towards discovery, insight and    
   understanding of their personal growth path.  For therapy to be
   effective, a stable, safe, trusting relationship with the therapist is  
   essential.  My intention for our work together is to create a therapeutic  
   bond that enables you to process, heal and grow.