The North Star Therapy

 The North Star Therapy   ​​
 Kathleen Ries, LMFT, MS, MPH, RD


"Although the world is full of suffering, it's full also of overcoming it."       Helen Keller

    Inspiration is unique to one's needs at the moment.  

    Below are photographs from my travels, a poem I wrote in  
    graduate school with future clients in mind and laughter links.  

    May you find your inspiration to be the star you truly are!

Therapy Magic 

 ​ ​

  When I’m a therapist
  I’ll put this on my desk
  To remind me of how 
  To do my very best.

  I’ll set my intention 
  To be clear from the start,
  To engage my being,
  To listen with my heart.

  My goal is to provide
  My empathy unbarred,
  Infused with positive
  Unconditional regard.

  I’ll practice just being
  Open in every way
  Humble and exploring,
  Genuine every day.

  With a beginner’s mind,
Present, grounded and new,
  I’ll open my third ear 
  Completely hearing you.
Who you are today is 
Fully welcome and safe.
In this place of healing,
No being is a waif.

​​An’ may I be worthy
Of the gift of your trust,
To honor your feelings
As if they were gold dust.

May I hear your stories
Of failure, loss and pain
Recognizing courage,
Strength and character gain.

​Shame, guilt and anger are
  Emotions used to cope. 
  Turned inward, these three fuel
  Pain, hate and loss of hope.

Take comfort in silences
In our healing process.
They contain the love that
Enlightens any mess.

Like a great mystery
Our connection will be
The basis for therapy
Magic to be set free.

© Kathleen Ries 2009

You are a star

You are a star
Just how you are.
Rooted in your power,
You heal, grow and flower.
No outer event, pain or duty,
Ever lessens your inner beauty!
You are a star just how you are!

​© Kathleen Ries 2012

   Laughter Links

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