The North Star Therapy

 The North Star Therapy   ​​
 Kathleen Ries, LMFT, MS, MPH, RD

The North Star Therapy
Psychotherapy for trauma, transitions, and troubles

Kathleen Ries, MFT, MS, MPH, RD

      Find the right therapist for you

Just realizing things aren't working in one's life takes courage.  Seeking to understand and make changes can stir up more than expected. With life's multiple demands, looking for a therapist is a brave step. It requires a commitment to oneself and hope for something new. 

Professional support can be invaluable to personal growth. Yet, finding a therapist that fits your needs can be a challenge. There are so many types of therapies from therapists with wide ranging talents and skills.  Even after finding a good therapist, there's the practical and financial aspects, including scheduling and availabilty.

I offer a free initial phone call (typically 15-20 minutes) to help you determine if I'm the therapist for your needs at this time.  
Call me at 628-227-6366 or email using Contact on this website.